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Archive - 2016

Links to Previous Articles - In No Particular Order

WPS Colleges Special

What's the truth on college place cuts?



WPS     FRB Special

Forth Road Bridge closure, the facts.



WPS   GERS Special

GERS figures, a discussion& analysis.



WPS WE 17/01  2016

A look at the week that was.



WPS WE 16/12  2015

A look at the week that was.



Abortion law in Scotland and its devolution.



What is abuse and what to do about it.



What would you say if you could speak at conference



An analysis of the attainment gap and what it means.



More detail on the Forth Road Bridge closure.



We may not be the best in the world, but we should still be a confident people.



How the decision to Leave or Remain was taken.



What do they mean when the talk about Ulsterisation of Scottish politics?



Is the SNP government  the most criticised in Scottish history?



Can this year bring a change to how we debate? (Spoiler alert:No)



Kevin Hague accused the SNP of using NLP. How much nonsense is that?



The list system is a broken mess and needs to be replaced.



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