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Politics Scotland

February 2017

Labour 2017

The Echo Chamber conference

Scottish Labour’s conference this weekend should have been an opportunity for the party to stake out its position ahead of the upcoming local elections. It was surely supposed to be a chance to energise the base, to have activists hitting the ground with a positive message and a strong case for retaining council control. Instead what came out of it was a muddled and incoherent message on federalism, a quadrupling down on attacking the SNP and a completely unnecessary racism row involving Sadiq Khan.

Race Relations

Pro-Scottish isn't anti-English

Sadiq Khan was not the first person to link Scottish nationalism with racism and he is not the last. Indeed, a recent article by a Scottish PhD student in the Guardian newspaper not only reiterated the accusation but expanded on it. Scottish nationalism, she claimed, was about “othering” English people and a belief that we are somehow morally superior.

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