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March 2017

Kezbayashi Maru

The no-win scenario

Those who are fans of Star Trek will be aware of the significance of the Kobayashi Maru. It was, in the original timeline, a test given to a cadets which was designed to be an impossible, no-win scenario. The test showed how they would react when all hope was lost and the crew faced imminent death. How would they cope knowing they had they no way out? Politicians almost always leave themselves wiggle room, a way to pivot out of a previous position.

Points of View

How Misinformation Drives Debate

It is a feature of the human psyche that once we reach a conclusion on something, especially a considered position, we can become very defensive of that view. The most extreme examples of this can be found in religious beliefs and traditions such as spiritual healing or “alternative” medicines.


Gayest Party In The World

At the last SNP conference, Nicola Sturgeon made a plea for the delegates to remember one word that started with an “I”, and it wasn’t independence. The word was “inclusive”. A large part of the spring conference for the SNP was about equality and inclusivity. From dyslexia to disability to gay rights, the party are keen to shine a light on issues which are experienced by the marginalised, the vilified and the deprived.

Phantom Premise

The UK which the unionist parties argue for doesn't exist

As the possibility of a second referendum on Scottish independence increases, the unionist parties are once again setting out their stall on the reasons for staying in the UK. Labour, the Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives have all stated that they would oppose independence no matter the arguments in favour.

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